24.09.2014 16:33
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What can I do, if monitoring stations are misplaced?

I live in Venice. There is one fixed measurement station that does not respect the Directive 2008/50/EC Annex III. The station is far away from the high polluted area in the city Centre or the port. Furthermore there is a mobile measurement station next to the port. An Air Quality Plan isn‘t developed until now. The real air pollution for citizens is not been registered by the measurement stations. What can I do to change the position of the monitoring stations?

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The best would be a complaint to the Commission, when there is evidence that air quality is not being monitored in accordance with the Directive. You can make a complaint using the draft of the EU Commission http://ec.europa.eu/eu_law/your_rights/your_rights_forms_en.htm. You should add the data you collected.


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