24.10.2013 13:02
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When does citizens have a right of action?

I live on a busy road and am exposed to high air pollution. What can I do?

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All member states in the European Union have a uniform law for the assessment and management of air quality, based on the Air Quality Framework Directive. For all cities and towns there is a legal obligation to implement measures to reduce air pollution. If the limit values are not met due to the lack of regulations or measures, citizens may legally enforce the implementation of such measures. Anybody living or working most of their time in a polluted environment may take legal action. This means not only residents but also physicians in medical practices on busy roads, for example, educators in a kindergarten or parents for their children, if the kindergarten is located in an area heavily affected by particulate matters. Environmental organisations may also take action under the EU Environmental Law in their own right. If the next measuring point is further away, the respective local authorities have to inform about the values that can be mathematically calculated in your surroundings.



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