10.07.2013 13:01
Category: Nitrogen dioxide

Years of exceeding the NO2 limit values in Hürth

For several years the EU limit values for nitrogen dioxide have been exceeded in the Luxemburger Straße in Hürth. The main cause is shown to the truck traffic. The air quality plan published in 2011 hasn‘t contributed to any reduction of NO2 and currently relies on voluntary commitments of local companies.

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The air quality plan for the city of Hürth, valid since 2011, clearly shows that heavy goods vehicles contribute disproportionately to the exhaust emissions with a share of 50.2 per cent. Measures should therefore be directed towards these polluters in particular. The arrangement of a temporary truck blocking would be appropriate, but the measure was first refused, because the Luxemburger Straße is used as a transit route between two German autobahns. The local companies signed a commitment to reduce the traffic or to switch to other routes. The traffic counts in 2012 showed no significant changes in the volume of traffic on the polluted street.

In 2013, another traffic count is planned. Following these results and the analysis of the annual mean concentrations of nitrogen oxides in 2012 through the North Rhine-Westphalia State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection, the next steps will be discussed. If still no compliance with the pollutant emission limits is ensured the district government must implement further measures, e.g. a ban of heavy goods vehicles or a Low Emission Zone.



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